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Considering to buy a Chalet or apartment in Austria?

Sie überlegen, eine Immobilie in Österreich zu kaufen?


Buying property in Austria, whether a holiday home, a business or for your retirement. It can be a minefield!


*What are the regulations for owning a home in Austria?

*What about residency issues?

*What about the legal system?

*What about banking in Austria?

*What about buying a car and registering it?

*What about healthcare in Austria?


The list goes on and on! 


It is too easy to make buying mistakes when you are sat at a ski slope restaurant enjoying a beer. Thinking 'wow' this is the life!   Do not get caught out, think logical not emotional!

We can offer an initial 30 minute Skype or Zoom chat to help you get started with your search for property.



Financing a property


Mortgages in Austria are based on having a Euro income to be able to finance a loan.


Many clients opt to buy a property that has an existing income in euros, such as a holiday rental home.


We can offer an initial Online chat to asertain your exact requirements and start gthe guidance process.


We can meet with you in Austria and discuss your future plans for owning a property in Austria


Once you have made purchase offer, we can advise on all legal aspects.


We can accompany you to the Notar to ensure that you understand and translate any German you do not understand.